I am using data loader from command line but I'm getting one error when I'm trying to verify if my password generated is correct or not

Command: encrypt.bat -v generatedPassword secretKey


2016-05-24 08:29:52,056 ERROR [main] security.EncryptionUtil main (EncryptionUti l.java:336) - Error decrypting string: 10d05e725ebd1999668536e79f4335e6, error: Given final block not properly padded

Also how I can schedule data load and export from command line.

Thanks in advance


That error message is very misleading, but that is what is always displayed when the verification has failed, for whatever reason.

Looking at the command you ran, I believe the error is that you are missing the third parameter, the Path to Key

-v <encrypted> <decrypted value> [Path to Key] Validate whether decryption of encrypted value matches the decrypted value, optionally provide key file

Ultimately, what you are looking for is a message that says:

[main] security.EncryptionUtil main (EncryptionUtil.java:332) - Decryption of encrypted value MATCHES the expected value

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