I am using data loader from command line but I'm getting one error when I'm trying to verify if my password generated is correct or not

Command: encrypt.bat -v generatedPassword secretKey


2016-05-24 08:29:52,056 ERROR [main] security.EncryptionUtil main (EncryptionUti l.java:336) - Error decrypting string: 10d05e725ebd1999668536e79f4335e6, error: Given final block not properly padded

Also how I can schedule data load and export from command line.

Thanks in advance

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That error message is very misleading, but that is what is always displayed when the verification has failed, for whatever reason.

Looking at the command you ran, I believe the error is that you are missing the third parameter, the Path to Key

-v <encrypted> <decrypted value> [Path to Key] Validate whether decryption of encrypted value matches the decrypted value, optionally provide key file

Ultimately, what you are looking for is a message that says:

[main] security.EncryptionUtil main (EncryptionUtil.java:332) - Decryption of encrypted value MATCHES the expected value

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