I would like to create a report which shows me how many of my accounts were created via the lead conversion process.

I know that there is a field on the lead "Converted Account", however, if the account already existed when leads were converted, will this field be filled in as well? Are there any other indicators I could use?

[edit] I tried creating a Lead with converted information, however I don't seem to have access to any fields of the Accounts that were created. Only Contacts and Opportunities (see screenshot). enter image description here

Tia, Lily.

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I think that you obtain the Accounts that were created from a Lead conversation all you need to do is got to:

  1. Reports->
  2. New Report ->
  3. Open the "Leads" reports->
  4. Select Leads with coverted lead information.
  5. Create

For your logic use the filter

Converted equals true

Make sure that the Company/Account is on you report. By doing this you can get a report with the "Converted" leads and the accounts that were also converted in that process.

Hope it helps.


One way to approach this for ongoing lead conversions is to add a custom field on Lead called isConvertedToNew Account__c. Default is false (unchecked). Populate this to true on lead conversion event using workflow/process builder. Then in the Lead field mappings, map this field to an Account field WasCreatedByLeadConversion__c

You can retrospectively update your Accounts by querying converted leads and getting the convertedAccountId

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