I am familiar with creating a custom button to 'carry' a value over from object to object, but I am unsure if it is possible to fill a Picklist Field with a specific choice.

Here's the existing link, and I need to prefill Chance__c with the pickval 10% when creating a new custom object record from the Account view related list button.


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You should have no problems with that. Maybe if you'd show us what fails to work?

I've quickly created a new picklist on Contact in my dev. edition. The field got assigned Id 00N70000003FLpI (not really important) and the values I've put in the picklist are 10%, 20%, ... 100%.

Anyway - it works like a charm if I'll append &00N70000003FLpI=30%25 to the URL that shows when I click "new Contact" on the related list. 30%25 because %25 is url-encoded % sign and in reality you should be using either server-side {!URLENCODE(...)} or javascript's encodeURI() function, depending how you construct your link.

One thing to note is that 30% must be an available picklist value. Any typos = problem. Any "limited set of values because of record type or dependent picklist" = problem. And by problem I mean that your value will be ignored, you'll get "None" or whatever was the default picklist value selected.

Looks like you want to "pass-through" the picklist value to be preset after the record type selection screen. In that case you might have to encode whole "prepopulate these fields plz" expression again. Check URL Hack: Pass additional parameters into the saveURL for more ;)

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