I'm trying to pass a date from the querystring to a component on a visualforce page.

with a url like this: salesforce.com/apex/mypage?mydate=2013-05-30

I thought it would be as simple as this:

     <c:myComponent myDate="{!date.valueof($CurrentPage.parameters.mydate)}" />

but I'm getting an error when trying to save my visualforce page:

    Error: Unknown function date.valueof. Check spelling

What am I doing wrong? How do you pass a date to a component on a visualforce page via the querystring?


the date.valueof is an Apex syntax not visualforce. You could instead use

<c:myComponent myDate="{!datevalue($CurrentPage.parameters.mydate)}" />

This will work in parsing out the date in the format you have it. For instance ?mydate=2013-03-04 parses out for me as Mon Mar 04 00:00:00 GMT 2013

Or alternatively, if your component has a controller then you could pass the parameter through as a String and parse it there. This would give you some more control over dealing with badly formatted or missing data.

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