I want to submit my complete list of opportunities using <apex:actionfunction/> but in the code behind I am not getting any updated values, also I want to submit attachment and notes in the list of opportunities But unable to do so as well.

  • Could we see your code ? Please focus this question on a single issue. What have you done to debug this so far ? May 19 '16 at 6:01

You need to get Updated values first using getter and setter methods and update those values using actionFunction.

Please see the below example:

VF Page:

        <apex:actionFunction name="saveRecords" action="{!SaveOpps}" rerender="list"/>

<apex:commandButton onclick="saveRecords()" value= "Save"/>

<apex:PageBlock id="list">

   <apex:PageBlockTable value ="{!listOpps}" var="o">

     <apex:column value ="{!o.Name}"/>




Controller Code:

public List<Opportunity> listOpps {get;set;}

public void SaveOpps(){
update listOpps ;


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