I'm trying to use "Audience Exclusion Script" for a send to a data extension where I want to exclude subscribers based on an attribute in the data extension I'm sending to.

Data Extension Field Name: BMP: TC-Permission Privacy

Type: Boolean

Exclusion Script: [BMP: TC-Permission Privacy] == "False"

The send works until I insert this script.

Can someone tell me where the mistake is or if it is even possible to use this without a separate data extension/list to compare against?

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I'd try something like this -- assuming that this BMP: TC-Permission Privacy column is part of your sending Data Extension.

The AttributeValue() function will handle the case if the column doesn't exist:

AttributeValue("BMP: TC-Permission Privacy") == "FALSE" OR empty(AttributeValue("BMP: TC-Permission Privacy"))
  • Thanks Adam, that worked as suggested (even without the OR clause)! May 23, 2016 at 13:15

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