I have a 3rd Party Endpoint Url Which I Paste in browser Address bar I can see the XML Data.

But the same Endpoint URL , I invoke via Apex Class (Http Call) I will get a Error Message From the System saying I don't have the Permission to access the Data.

There is No Error in Apex Class.

I checked with 3rd Party Developers..they are saying they have blocked certain IP of Amazon's Server. That might cause the Issue..

What is the Solution..


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At one point of time, I had a similar issue of HTTP/HTTPs while using within the Salesforce environment and it was painful at some point of time.

From my experience and what @erkan has mentioned, I can suggest to try this:

  1. White listing the IP address if a third party URL is a static one.
  2. Hard code the URL with https if its used anywhere and try.

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