Apologies if I am asking a stupid question here, but here is my scenario:

I have a custom object, say A, which has two lookups: One to a standard object (Lead) and,
Another to a custom object, say B.

The name of the two lookups on A are B__c and Lead__c.

Now, on the related list for A on Lead's page-layout, how can I show the fields belonging to B? Is it even possible? The user interface doesn't seem to allow me to do this, but I was trying to use something like:


in the layout metadata file, but it doesn't work. I get a message that says something like:
Invalid field in related list...

Thanks in advance!


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You cannot show complete related list. However, you can show only fields.

To get fields from B to A, use the below fields



  • in addition to sfdcFanBoy's answer, if you are able to convert B's relationship field from look up to master detail on A object, you dont need formula fields. you can easily put B's fields on related list on Lead page layout. May 16, 2016 at 8:45

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