I am creating an Apex Class using eclipse and trying to use a field.

I have created a custom object called Credit_Insurance__c and a custom field named Credit_Insurance_Status_c.

When I try to use the field in my class, I get an error saying that the variable doesn't exist.

I have tried the field api name and object_api_name.field_api_name. I'm sure it's name syntax.

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    could you add line, how you are using this field? – Ilya Lepesh May 13 '16 at 17:19

If you want to simply get metadata for the field, there are a few different pieces of information you can get.

Schema.SObjectField myCustomField = Credit_Insurance__c.Credit_Insurance_Status__c;
DescribeFieldResult describe = myCustomField.getDescribe();

If you want to get data, you need a Credit_Insurance__c record to get the data from.

Credit_Insurance__c record = new Credit_Insurance__c(); // instantiate as desired
String status1 = record.Credit_Insurance_Status__c;
String status2 = (String)record.get(myCustomField));
String status3 = (String)record.get('Credit_Insurance_Status__c');

With a checkbox, it would be:

if (record.Validation1__c) { /* do stuff */ }

It looks to me that you simply forgot the __c for customfields and -objects. You need to access your object like this:

Credit_Insurance__c myCi = new Credit_Insurance__c;

// you still need to query for the object or set initial values and insert it later, if you create a new one

if (myCi.Credit_Insurance_Status__c == true ) {
  // your logic here

be aware, that your snipped with one single = wont work, because it trys to assign the value to the field.

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