I am trying to have a custom object link to other objects without specifying a type. By that I mean I want to make something like an "OtherObject" lookup without specifying the type, so that I can link it to any object type. However, this does not seem to be available in Salesforce.

What I am doing as a replacement is I store the record ID of the other object. However, the problem is I need a way to check if that record still exists when I attempt to fetch data using that ID.

Get SObject by Id

seems to be only usable if you have a valid ID, is there any apex method that lets you do something similar with a String or something that may or may not be an existing ID?

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You just need to make an Id instance from your String value, which you can do with Id.valueOf(stringValue). If you want to simply get a Boolean whether or not a corresponding record exists, you can do:

public Boolean doesRecordExist(String value)
    Id recordId;
    try { recordId = Id.valueOf(value); }
    catch (StringException e) { return false; }
    String soql = 'SELECT count() FROM ' +
        recordId.getSObjectType() +
        ' WHERE Id = :recordId';
    return Database.countQuery(soql) == 1;

If you'd like to avoid try catch block, use instanceof method as value instanceof Id

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