Iknow that to be able to enable inline edit on list view i need to ensure the following :

  • The edit button is not overriden by a custom VF
  • the recordtype (if any) be included in the filter criteria
  • Enable Enhanced Lists in the user interface setting
  • enable "Mass Edit from Lists" in profile.

But actually all the condition are met. I don't have recordtypes define , and my edit button is not overriden. I am a system admin, and my user interface setting is correct as i cross-checked with my other sansbox where this is working well. When i deployed to my full sandbox org, I loose the inline edit on my list view. What may i be missing ?

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Got the answer. There were another point to consider :

  • the field should be on the page layout

I forgot to deploy the page layout, thus the inline edit was not available as there were no field on the original layout

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    I believe you should also select "Enable Inline Editing" in User Interface!
    – SfdcBat
    May 12, 2016 at 7:09

Please check you have include profile with your change set. include system administrator profile while deploying

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