When I create a case with email2case functionality and go into a case feed view and click reply or reply all - initial description is attached to email response.

There're some issues we experience with email2case and I want to have more control and manually process leads / contacts creation, long story short:

I want to create a case programically either with api or apex and set subject and description of a case. But when I hit reply or reply all, email body of response is empty and has no description attached. How to set it up so that reply has description attached by default?

== Some ideas: ==

  1. Create a case and then update it with dummy data using email2case (by case unique id), therefore, replies will have description attached by default functionality.
  2. Somehow set a default template which will pull description.

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Not sure if this will fully answer your question and use case, but I was able to get the 'Reply' and 'ReplyAll' functions, set an Email Template per my company's demands. I implemented QuickActionDefaultHandler, and slightly adjusted the example which is provided here:


Let me know if you need any more assistance. Ido.

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