in my organization do not want use close date field also I can not hide this close date field, is there any alternate way to hide field or to change label name of close date field.


As mention you cannot hide the field but you can change the label like you asked.

Setup->Customize->Tab Names and Labels-> Rename Tabs and Labels

Click [Edit] next to opportunities then click [Next], you can rename the standard fields on the following screen.

Keep in mind that Close Date drives a lot of functionality in Salesforce and I would highly suggest you use the field for meaningful data even if you rename it.


See this:

Can I remove the required Close Date field in a new Opportunity?

The standard "Close Date" field cannot be removed from any Opportunity Page Layout, nor can the "Required" property be removed. You can check which fields cannot be removed by going to the "edit" page of your Opportunity page layout (using Enhanced Page Layout Editor), where you'll see the fields denoted by a blue dot. You can also hover over each and it will read "Always on layout."

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