I am trying to update workflow email alerts via Tooling API, My request is:

req.setBody('{"fullName": "Test","Metadata": {"description": "Updated via WorkBench"}}');

As "Only the Metadata and FullName fields may be specified on ActionEmail".

But without the other fields like Template ID etc the request is not getting created with error:

Mandatory fields are missing

And if we tend to add those fields, we get the same error stated above. Does anyone have any idea or sample code on this please?


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If you create workflowalert within salesforce UI and then pull it, you could see Json body example.

GET /tooling/sobjects/WorkflowAlert/{id}

In your example, first error is:

"message": "Required field is missing: template"

But we could see same field in metadata. I went step by step through errors and got next Json for update call:

    "Metadata": {
        "senderType": "CurrentUser",
        "description": "Updated via WorkBench",
        "template": "unfiled$public/MarketingProductInquiryResponse",
        "recipients": [{
            "field": null,
            "recipient": "xxx@xxx.com",
            "type": "user"

Where template should be valid name, sendertype - valid picklist value etc. If you send patch, you should get http 204 and updated record in SF.

PATCH /tooling/sobjects/WorkflowAlert/{Id}

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