We have a custom object where we like to be able to take a snapshot of the a record at any given time - to be able to look it up later for comparison, as the data in the record gets updated. So historical data, but not editable. Literately i was told i could take a screenshot. What kind of options are there, not sure where to begin! thanks!


Reporting Snapshots is what you need. You could also consider Historical trend reporting, but it's very limited. Or even try a "geeky" Big Data path by implementing Salesforce2hadoop

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  • Thanks Olek. The data is only displayed in a VF page, so i dont thinks snapshots will do - unles i create another VF page to display the snaphots. I think all i need to do is be able to add a "Create PDF" button on the VF page. – Andy Ux May 6 '16 at 15:09

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