I read the other references to this error, but I don't see one specifically relating to an Apex function call. I deployed a Change Set with the Process, Custom Setting & Apex classes. The class has an @invocable method, and the process, as constructed in the sandbox, works fine.

The action itself did not come over in the Change Set, and when I try to rebuild it I see the class & method listed, as well as the parameter I'm setting in the process. I cannot save the action, however, because I am getting the "We can't find an action with the name and action type that you specified." error.

I'm going to try building a new Process that references the same method; will let you know how that goes. ... Nope - same result. Class/method/var(param) appears in flow, but Save() fails.

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    i've had similar issue with schedulable apex classes; I had to run tests on the apex class in PROD before SFDC acknowledged it was a valid class usable by apex scheduler; this may or may not be your issue but worth a shot
    – cropredy
    May 4, 2016 at 18:32
  • Nice one, @cropredy! Worked a charm! May 9, 2016 at 13:17

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Here's what I would do...

  1. Locate the Apex Class in the offending org
  2. Go to Develop | Apex Classes | the class
  3. See if the Status says it is active. If not, step 4
  4. Use Developer Console or Setup | Develop | Apex Test Execution and run the tests for that class.

This should make the class active and available for use in Process Builder

(adapted from a similar experience with schedulable classes not available for the Apex Scheduler)

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