I am a fresher and i am not able to represent in coding format for the previous week logic. The requirement is i have a date field called funding date.I have to fetch the records where this date field have previous week's date. For example,

SELECT fund__c,amount__c where funding_Date__c=previous week.

In the query,in the place of previous week i dont know what logic i have to use so that i can fetch when that date field has previous week dates.

Please help.


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You can use the date literal LAST_WEEK:

SELECT Fund__c, Amount__c FROM Funding__c WHERE Funding_Date__c = LAST_WEEK

Use Date Formats and Date Literals in salesforce.

SELECT fund__c,amount__c where funding_Date__c=LAST_WEEK

you can use something like this SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE CreatedDate > LAST_WEEK

SELECT fund__c,amount__c where funding_Date__c=LAST_WEEK

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