I want to make this validation rule where every time assignment__C is active then the disable_date_c must be blank. So if it shows some date the validation rule shows the error message. This is what I got so far but I am missing something.

  • What happens? Does it just not work the way you want? That exact validation rule won't even save... – Nick Cook May 2 '16 at 5:49

Validation rules will display an error when the formula evaluats to true.

In your case, you want the validation rule to be true when the assignment__c field is 'active' and the disable_date__c field is not blank.


  ISPICKVAL(assignment__c, 'active')

When troubleshooting things like validation rules, workflow rules, etc. it's a good idea to isolate the conditions. In this case, if you'd changed it the just be ISBLANK(disable_date__c), it would immediately show up that the logic was incorrect.


I tried the formula by Nick with time assignment as a checkbox and got an error when time active was checked and disable date was not blank.


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