We're trying to integrate Marketing Cloud's Mobile Push with an existing Android app. Previously, our developers made their own implementation of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service and it works just fine, but when trying to do the same for Mobile Push the device is never registered in Marketing Cloud. Our developers are opting to keep the GCM implementation, but we want to know if it's possible to use both services at the same time within the app.

Is it possible to use both GCM and Mobile Push for sending push notifications? Is there any known issue regarding a previous implementation of GCM causing issues with the Journey Builder SDK and Mobile Push?

Thank you.


This can work if you use the Token returned to the SDK. Use the ETPush.getInstance().getSystemToken() convenience method to retrieve the token, but note that getInstance() call is a blocking call until the readyAimFire() or configureSdk() call has completed. The former posts an event to an EventBus and the latter accepts a callback to mitigate this issue.

  • Hi Bill, we've tested this method and we get the system token but our app doesn't receive notifications and the device doesn't get registered as contact in Mobile Push. Do you know if it can be caused because there's a conflict between the SDK and the previous implementation of GCM? – Scarlett Apr 29 '16 at 21:23
  • Which version of the SDK? InstanceId.getToken() was implemented in v4.3, but it shouldn't matter as you can send a push to your device if you know the token. Be sure to check the troubleshooting steps found salesforce-marketingcloud.github.io/JB4A-SDK-Android/… Also, note, from the time the registration is sent to the marketing cloud there is a 5 min. lead time to propagate the contact. Be sure you're accounting for that delay. – Bill Mote Apr 30 '16 at 5:29

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