Currently I am building a couple of reports for work and we are trying to build a report for all leads that are logged for this/last FY. Is this possible? If we have 100 leads that 90 of them convert into opportunities, can I still show a report to show that we logged 100 leads or will it show as 10 leads have been logged and 90 opportunities?

Hope this makes sense. Thanks, Paul

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You can view all the lead conversion related information by creating a report of type: "Leads with Converted Lead Information". Then you can aggregate your information bases on the Converted field value ("YES | NO") to view how many leads have been converted and how many not. Additionally you can create custom formula in your report like CONVERTED:SUM / RowCountwhich should ease your analysis.

  • Perfect, thank you for your answer. I have utilized the converted field this now shows me clearly which have and have not been converted. Apr 28, 2016 at 14:16

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