I am new to salesforce so forgive me if this question is trivial. If it has been previously been answered kindly direct me since I have searched but not found the appropriate solution.
How do you transfer the records in the standard lead object to a custom object that I have created(not the standard contact,account or opportunity). Description: My standard lead object has fields like: Name
My custom object also has the same fields and others.
What I want is that when I convert the lead, the fields that are similar i.e Name, Email and Phone are automatically created as a record in my custom object.
Thank you


You can achieve this by Trigger on Lead object.

  • You will need to write trigger on After Update event.

  • In the trigger check for field isConverted value.

  • If it is true it means that lead record is converted.

  • And there you copy all fields value into the custom object and insert it.

You can not achieve it by declarative approach.


I was actually able to do this using process builder. Search for process builder under the quick box and from there its pretty much straightforward.

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