We're using the Enterprise web service to access SalesForce. We built our enterprise.jar this way:

java -classpath ./force-wsc-33.0.3.jar;./ST-4.0.8.jar;D:/apps/jdk7u25/lib/tools.jar com.sforce.ws.tools.wsdlc U:\Projects\RemedyForce\prod_enterprise.wsdl enterprise.jar

I see from this post SOSL returning maximum of 500 records that there was a problem with WSC version 23.0. But we're using the newer 33.0 version.

We set up our configuration and Enterprise Connection this way:

// setup Web Service connection
ConnectorConfig config = new ConnectorConfig();

connection = Connector.newConnection(config);

And then we call the service with our SOQL query string.

QueryResult queryResults = connection.query(soqlString);

queryResults.getSize() will often return a number larger than 500, but the actual list inside the object is always limited to 500. Is there a way to either increase that limit or to page through the additional results?

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Query results are broken up in to chunks once they reach a certain size, you need to use the queryMore call to fetch the next chunk. typically you end up with a loop like

  qr = sfdc.query(soql)
  while true {
    if qr.Done {
    qr = sfdc.queryMore(qr.queryLocator)

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