In my exacttarget when I'm importing data from salesforce report I'm getting "Casesensitive Salesforce Id" error. I'm importing data from salesforce Campaign reports which contains Lead/Contact Id column.



I faced the same issue recently where I got the error CaseSensitiveSalesforceID when I tried to import into Exacttarget a Salesforce report built on a custom report type that included the contact id field from a lookup.

The issue was that Exacttarget/Marketing Cloud doesn't just expect a contact id or lead id as the key it also expects the column name to be exactly Contact ID or Lead ID.

The default value in my custom report type was Primary Contact : Contact ID. I changed this to Contact ID and it worked fine.

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I recently came across an article I think relates to your error for the case sensitive salesforce ID.

Do you have ContactID or LeadID set as primarykey on the import? Then I think this article will give you some tips:


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Use 18 characters Salesforce Id (eg. leadId or contactId) to update in Marketing Cloud

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