I have created a custom object called email scheduler that have custom fields like template 1, template 2, template 3...etc.

I have created custom date fields like Delivery Date 1, Delivery Date 2, delivery Date 3... etc.

I would like to make the template 1 a picklist value that would fetch the email templates so that when I create a workflow it will send to the contact after clicking save button.

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And make the template 1 field like the Email Template field.

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Have you tried to create a Visualforce Page through an extension collect in a SELECT a list the names of the templates created ? With this you can generate a dinamic 'Picklist' field in a visualforce, and save the value in another field.

You can storage your templates in a folder and SELECT:

[SELECT Id, Name FROM EmailTemplate WHERE Folder.DeveloperName = 'MyCustomTemplates'] for example.

Then you can send your email via APEX loading the specified template in your field, feeded via your dinamic visualforce picklist.


You can use this code: Visualforce Picklist from Javascript Query

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Unfortunately, that's not possible. See this article.

The only thing that you could do is create a new custom object "Email Template" that stores the unique ID of the Salesforce email template and links it to the display name (so you will need 2 custom fields).

Then you could change the field type of template 1, 2, 3, etc. to a lookup to Email Template. Attention: if you want the Email Template records to stay up to date, you would have to add a new record to this table every time you create a new email template in Salesforce.

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  • Could you please show an example – DominicSeb Apr 26 '16 at 15:58

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