Can somebody tell me how to add a logo on an account page? So that when I go to my customer page layout named Coca-Cola (for instance), the account owner and other users who can see this account will see their nice red logo.

I have checked on the AppExchange but I did not find anything.

Please Keep It Stupid and Simple when explaining as I am just an Administrator.


Well if you use Lightning Experience you may be in luck. Summer 16 release notes just hit the interwebs and they have a new feature called Account Logos (Beta).

Visualize Your Business Like Never Before with Account Logos (Beta)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there’s just one word to describe the fact company logos are now shown on account records—awesome. This feature is available in Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 app.

Note: This release contains a beta version of Account Logos that is production quality but has known limitations.

From Account Settings, select the option to allow logos. Voilà! Logos show up automatically, when available, on US-based accounts. If you use Social Accounts, logos that reps added manually from social networks may be replaced with a fresher, more up-to-date logo.

enter image description here

  • And we'll be using that to replace our own home brew system (finally!).
    – sfdcfox
    Apr 24 '16 at 2:18

TL;DR (too long, didn't read): Yes - it is possible. But not in the most ideal way.

There is no out of the box way yet to enable this. This is a Salesforce Idea with only 350 votes. However, as per that link, and this one, and this one here, a solution is to create a custom formula field to achieve this.

Another method would be to enable Social Accounts and Contacts, as per this link here. The downside here though, I believe, is that the logo would only appear whenever one logs into their own social network and searches for the Account. Whenever one is logged out, they would have to re-do that process in order to see the image display.

Furthermore, Social Accounts and Contacts are entirely dependent on the Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn APIs and are subject to change. For example, LinkedIn used to be supported under Social Accounts and Contacts however, this is no longer supported.


I have implemented similar solution, using custom VisualForce page as an inline visualforce page on page layout .

For example it may look like this:

Visualforce banner

But there two questions which must be answered:

  1. where you will plan to store images for each account?
  2. how you will plan to associate account record to specific image?

In my solution, we have not very much accounts, so we just put all images in static resource, and then retrieve required image in controller.

If you provide answers, I will try to help you with this.


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