This might be a known issue but I am unable to find any answers at present.

When an agent sends an email from a case which includes the case thread, we are trying to stop OOO from triggering a case to be reopened if received back as this will create false stats.

Can anyone advise of a way that this can be done?

Thanks Scott

  • I am thinking to look at the thread of the OOO to see if generic then it can be stopped this way.
    – user30885
    Commented Apr 21, 2016 at 10:55

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To fix this issue at the root would be to have your mail server configured in such a way that emails which contain key words, such as 'Out of office', are ignored. Although that would typically be an IT Helpdesk remit and not for a Salesforce Admin / Developer.

From a Salesforce Developer perspective, you can write a trigger which auto-deletes or prevents a new email thread hitting the case. This link gives some helpful information.

From a Salesforce Admin perspective, it may be worth researching an App on the AppExchange. Email to Case premium is very helpful for preventing email2case loops, but I am unsure if it prevents email threading of emails which contain key words. Also from a Salesforce Admin perspective, although this isn't ideal, you can create new custom fields and have workflows / process builders created which would ignore calculating case open times etc from threads which contain key words.

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