Is there a way to update an object without changing any of the values on its fields?

Here's the situation:


  • dateA (date)


  • lookup relationship with ObjectA
  • formulaDateA formula(date) --> just displaying the date of dateA
  • fieldB

ObjectB has a trigger in which, whenever any of its fields are updated, a trigger is fired.

However, for formulaDateA, since it is just a formula field, if dateA is change, the trigger in ObjectB will not fire.

Thus I have no choice but to create another trigger in ObjectA which will update a dummy field in ObjectB called fieldB and so, in effect, will fire off the trigger in ObjectB.

As much as possible, I don't want to create a new field called fieldB just so I can fire the trigger in ObjectB.

QUESTION: Is their a way that I could fire the trigger of ObjectB without updating any of its' fields?


  • update ObjectName(ID=existingId); will trigger ObjectName update event; Apr 19, 2016 at 10:38

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Take a look at Process Builder - it does allow to update child/related records triggered by a field change.

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