I,ve one Parent object 'Patient' and Child Object 'Patient Services' and another Parent object 'Job'.

On Patient Services Object one Look up field Named Patient related to Patient object & another lookup field Named job related to job object. The Location Field on both object Patient and Job.

When adding a Patient Service from the Patient object; then the Job field lookup should filter based on the Location of the Patient.

User-added image

When I click on Job lookup field icon, it allow to show me only record that has location field is equal to location field of Patient record (Patient 000972) in above image.

Suppose I am creating a record of PatientService from patient object related list which is PatientService1 and it's parent record is Patient1 Now when I click on Job field look up icon it allow to show me all related Job Record. conditon Job Record :Location == Patient record's location.

When It show me related job record in look up filter then I can select one of the record from them manually.

enter image description here

one location field has multiple recrod.

It would show me multiple record as shown in above image then i will select one record manually.

How to implement this Please Suggest


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Try this ;)

1 Create a look up field on parent object let say on Account for this object;

2 Again create a new lookup field for the other object child let say for Contact for this object; Wile creating this lookup in step 3 of 6;

Lookup Filter => Show Filter Settings then click Filter Criteria: Insert Suggested Criteria here you will see filters based on the relationships between objects in your organization. Select a filter from the list, then click Insert.

If this list don't satisfy your requirement then use the form below to create custom relationship;

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