I have created getContent() method to send a pdf page in email using Visualforce page. But while running test method on the controller, I am getting following error message - "Methods defined as TestMethod do not support getContent call, test skipped" How to fix this problem. Thank you in advance.


There's a few ways to do this. My personal preference is to generate a different Blob for the body of the page depending on whether my code is running in the test context:

So if I have a reference to the page in variable pr:

   Blob content;
   if (Test.IsRunningTest())

and then do whatever I need to do with the body content.

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    I'd suggest making it a one-line for test coverage purposes. Something like: Blob content = Test.isRunningTest() ? Blob.valueOf('UNIT.TEST') : pr.getContent(); That way, it'll cover if you could get the content or not. – Programmable Medley Mar 9 '15 at 13:46

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