I am attempting to create a Workflow Rule that will send an email notification to the Account Owner 110 before the contract end day.

Condition to be given is :

a)"Renewal_Status__c" is equal to pipeline ,next renewal status And 

b)when the "Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c" is not equal to renewed ,renewed lost.

c)Contact Role equal to sa/ra/ta.

Here "Renewal_Status__c" and "Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c" are picklist field.Contact role is a custom object which has role has picklist field and has a lookup relation with contract . I tried creating the workflow and email alert but its not working.

WorKFlow Criteria given : Workflow Rule Detail

Rule Name    @110 Send Email Notification    
Object    Contract
Active    Checked    
Evaluation Criteria    Evaluate the rule when a record is created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria
Description    Send email notification to the Account owner @110 days before the contract end date.
Rule Criteria    
ISPICKVAL(Renewal_Status__c , 'Pushed Forward To Next Quarter')||
ISPICKVAL(Renewal_Status__c, 'In Pipe') && Not(ISPICKVAL(Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c , 'Renewed' ) || ISPICKVAL(Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c, 'Renewal lost'))

Time-Dependent Workflow Actions : 110 Days Before Contract: Contract End Date

Type :Email Alert

Description :@110 Email Notification to Account Owner

Email Alert :

Email Alert Detail

Description  :  @110 Email Notification to Account Owner   
 Email Template:    @110 Days Notification email
 Unique Name :   X110_Email_Notification_to_Account_Owner    
Object :   Contract
From Email Address :   Current User's email address         
Recipients  :  Contract Owner
Additional Emails:-

But the workflow is not getting triggered any help very much appreciated.

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This should work:

(ISPICKVAL(Renewal_Status__c , 'Pushed Forward To Next Quarter')|| ISPICKVAL(Renewal_Status__c, 'In Pipe')) && Not(ISPICKVAL(Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c , 'Renewed' ) || ISPICKVAL(Next_Quarter_Renewal_Status__c, 'Renewal lost')) && (ISPICKVAL(Lookup_Field_Name__r.Role_Field_Name__c), 'sa') || ISPICKVAL(Lookup_Field_Name__r.Role_Field_Name__c), 'ra') || ISPICKVAL(Lookup_Field_Name__r.Role_Field_Name__c), 'ta'))

Please validate the picklist values you are referencing. It looks like you also have (or want to have) setup a time triggered action to send Email, so you won't see any email sent right away. Make sure that 'Contract End Date' field is populated and the date is at least 111 days from today.

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