I have my software that is sending data to Salesforce using REST API. This is for now only happening for my Salesforce Profile.

I want other Salesforce profiles to be able to integrate with my software.

I have used oAuth2 authentication to make this happen and it works fine, i receive access token, all good.

Now I have created Visualforce page on my Salesforce profile.

I want all Salesforce profiles integrated with software to be able to access that Visualforce page.

How can I achieve that?

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You can provide access to the profiles you want by

  1. Going to individual profiles, scroll down to the related list Enabled Visualforce Page Access, then click EDIT Button and then select the VF page from the Left to the right list box.

  2. You can Go to Setup->Develop->pages and then click the link security beside your VF page and then select the profiles you want to provide access to

  • I need this to happen automatically, whoever authenticated successfully through oAuth2 should have access to this page. Also is there a way to display that page in the navigation tabs on salesforce?
    – zachu
    Apr 11, 2016 at 13:30

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