I am trying to achieve to call webservice from force.com sites to salesforce providing sessionid such that i will be able to do that logic using that user see below web service

global class Webupdateopportunity {

    webService static Id QTC(String opid) {

    system.debug('opp id here'+opid);
    opportunity p = [select id,Create_Order__c From opportunity Where id=:opid];

    update p;
    return p.id;


can any one please suggest me the sample class to call this service from apex class providing session id

  • can any one please reply #apexclass – Kumar Gone Apr 9 '16 at 16:52

Sites users don't have ability to update standard objects. I believe the reason for this is to prevent solutions that avoid purchasing Sales Cloud or Service Cloud licenses.

There are some workarounds proposed by others:

  1. Update a custom object that behind-the-scenes, mirrors to a standard object or, a more complete answer from SFSE relying on without sharing.

  2. Call a REST service using some predefined user/pw

I imagine that #2 could be adapted by using invoking a SOAP service in a similar way

  • i appreciate your response thankyou so much do we a sample class for the #2 that helps me. – Kumar Gone Apr 11 '16 at 0:01

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