In the Salesforce console, we have an user action that will open the Email tab using the Email Url.

For example:

ui/core/email/author/EmailAuthor?p3_lkid=001E000000CVCF7&retURL=%2F001E000000CVCF7&p2_lkid=003180000066S1e&p4=abc@cc.com&p5=abc@bcc.com;xyz@bcc.com&p6=Hello World&p23=Nice to meet you&p24=asd@additional.com&template_id

In the Email Body field(p23), we fill it with content from Knowledge Articles. Sometimes, Knowledge Articles have external links.

We are getting this error:

openSubTab: mysupport.cs17.force.com is an unauthorized domain.  Contact your administrator to authorize it.

We Whitelisted the domains in the options of the Salesforce Console, but it's not working.

Any ideas why it might not work ?



It takes a few minutes. After that this will work.

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