I'm changing the OWD of an object from a managed package from public read/write to public read only. When I click save, I'm getting the error below. I've done this a few times today, and the error persists. Why is this failing? I know that some locking is involved, but would appreciate some general reasons for failure. Also, is there a fix, aside from just waiting?

Sharing Locked The sharing calculation you requested can't be processed right now, because it interferes with another operation already in progress. Please try again later.

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  • Have you changed / added a sharing rule or such which is already calculating in the background? There is no fix other than waiting until the sharing operation completes either way. May 14, 2013 at 21:00
  • I checked and that wasn't causing it. is there anything else that may have done it? May 15, 2013 at 14:26
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    any updates on this ?
    – raym0nd
    Feb 4, 2014 at 21:39

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Aside from waiting, you could plan a maintenance window for changing the org wide defaults as suggested in the help docs here:


The purpose of this article is to discuss best practices when making organization-wide sharing changes. These changes require a recalculation of all record access levels in your organization and can cause adverse effects such as:

Contention Lock errors ("The record you are trying to edit is temporarily unavailable").

Group Membership Lock errors ("Group Membership Locked").

Negative Performance Impacts on your organization.


When making an org-wide sharing change, it's always best to plan and prepare prior to making these changes. The specific changes to do this for are:

Org-Wide Default change (i.e. Changing default access levels from Private to Public Read/Write).

Large-scale Role Hierarchy modifications.

Creation of multiple sharing rules.

Large-scale Public Groups maintenance (adding/removing members, deleting groups, etc).

For all customers, we recommend that the following are done:

Test the change in a full data Sandbox to ensure the change behaves as expected.

Plan a maintenance window during off-peak hours (w/ low user activity), such as at night, a weekend, or holiday.

For our enterprise customers with very-large organizations, we recommend the following (in addition to the above):

Plan maintenance windows during a weekend, holiday, or period of extended low user activity.

Log a Case with salesforce.com Support to evaluate the changes that are planned to understand overall impact to your org and instance. This may involve seeking an escalation to the Tier3 team.

Review the following white papers for information on sharing related features and design concepts that can assist in streamlining your maintenance activities:

To better understand what causes the locks take a look at the Record Locking Cheat Sheet here.

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