How can I display Photos from Company Chatter Profiles in a Customer Portal page?

The Url of the Photo requires a special authentication that even a logged in Customer Portal user does not have, so they get an error. I tried creating a trigger that would copy the image and save it into a blob, but Salesforce gives me an error, saying I can't create HTTP requests from within triggers.

I could hard code a proxy API request using the Admin login/password, but we have to change it every 72 days, and that's a crappy way to code.

I am foiled at every turn by Salesforce.

Surely there is an easy way to show Chatter Profile pictures to users within a Customer Portal. Do you have any ideas?

Many thanks-

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Chatter isn't currently available for the Customer Portal.

You'll want to check out Chatter Communities, which provides chatter access to portal users.

  • Thanks Ryan for your help- I was aware of that limitation but am hoping someone has come up with a clever workaround. Commented May 15, 2013 at 0:58

The photo is publicly available to sites users, then when the customer portal user logs in they no longer have access to it. Lame.

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