trigger countingof on lead (after insert,after update,after delete){
   set<id>  conId = new set<id>();
   map<id,list<lead>> countle= new map<id,list<lead>>();
   if(trigger.isafter && trigger.isinsert || trigger.isUpdate ){
    for(lead c: trigger.new){
  if(trigger.isafter && trigger.isDelete){
    for(lead c:trigger.old){
 list<lead> leadlist= [select id ,owner_type__c  , no_of_lead__c  from lead where owner_type__c In :conId];
  for(lead a :leadlist){
      countle.put(a.owner_type__c, leadlist);
 list<lead> lst=new list<lead>();
 list<lead> countlist = [select id, no_of_lead__c,owner_type__c  from lead where owner_type__c in :conId];
    for(lead a : countlist){ 
       list<lead> lstt=countle.get(a.owner_type__c);
       a.no_of_lead__c= lstt.size();
       system.debug('@@@a' +a);  
       update lst;

Error:Apex trigger countingof caused an unexpected exception, contact your administrator: countingof: execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Update failed.


There are multiple issues with your trigger

  1. I see that the way you form the "countle" map is not correct .

  2. I see update statement inside FOR loop

  3. Very important ,you are facing recursion .

You are trying to update leads which in turn again will call your trigger and this will lead to recursion and salesforce reports as unexpected error .

There is a free tutorial on Trailhead that will guide you how to write effective triggers .

If you are trying to update leads in same context ,you can stop recursion via static boolean .

Look at the help article to understand what is recursion and how you can prevent it

  • if i remove after update and isupdate so its work properlly. i understood and fix for loop which is running in updatelist. – deepak Apr 7 '16 at 5:43

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