How can i use Now as a time filter in reports?

I need to look at records whose scheduled time < Now. How can i build this?

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According to the Salesforce documentation, Now is not supported in the Report Builder. Would using Tomorrow be sufficient for your needs, though?


Idea 1: If reporting needs to be done on a more granular level than by day, you will need to resort to custom reporting and SOQL queries.

Idea 2: Use a formula field to extract the time portion of your DateTime field. You could then group records on a more granular level, depending on what you extract (e.g. hourly, within 15 minute intervals, etc . . . )

  • Today/tomorrow becomes a date comparison rather than date/time. On call center metrics its critical to see what violation was made (in hours/minutes) which is where now becomes critical.
    – Ganesh
    May 14, 2013 at 17:25
  • 2
    Like the ideas. :) The workaround i am thinking is to have a formula field to capture Now() - Scheduled time and have a filter on this field to see if its +ve . If yes the user has crossed the scheduled time during the report run time. Just wondering if i could avoid creating this field. Also custom reporting is out of scope right now.
    – Ganesh
    May 14, 2013 at 17:50

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