Is there anyway to export the Schema builder to get an accurate depiction of the data model in a PDF or any format? I've looked online, and I haven't been able to come up with any alternatives because I believe the native Schema Builder in Salesforce does not allow export

I came across this post How to Print/Export the schema builder?

I have installed ERD tool, but I do not believe it has the capability to export either. The SchemaSpy is actually a really cool idea, however the Graphixz tool that they reference no longer makes applications that run on the most recent OS for mac, so I don't believe that will work either. Does anyone have any ideas about how to export it?

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I'm using SchemaSpy with Graphviz v2.38 installed on Windows 7 Enterprise and I love it!

  • Yeah, I think I'm just gonna have to grab a work laptop with Windows on it and run the job, it looks like a huge hassle right now to use macports...I've looked online and I haven't seen anyone with success stories. Looks like us Mac users are just out of luck on this one.
    – Christian
    Apr 5, 2016 at 18:53
  • Overview implies that salesforce specific queries are needed. Is there already an existing collection of sql queries or did you had to write them yourself? Get Started - Configuration has a snippet how to connect to the database. So i assume that direct db access is needed. Correct? The databaseType list does not mention Salesforce. Which database is compatible?
    – surfmuggle

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