I am not able to give background color to buttons below.please help
enter image description here


You haven't closed the quotes in the ui:inputText field. Also, there's spelling mistake in the ui:inputText


<ui:inputText label="enter name"/> 
    <ui:button label="PROGRAMS" class="customButton" /> 
    <ui:button label="Learning" class="customButton" /> 
    <ui:button label="Training" class="customButton" /> 
    <ui:button label="Contacts" class="customButton" /> 
    <ui:button label="SUPPORT" class="customButton" /> 


.THIS .customButton{
   background-color: #2574a9;
   color: #fff; 

Result: Result

You may modify the styling as per your requirement.

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In Your case:

a) If ui:button contains NO class

.THIS .uiButton{ background-color:blue; }

b) If ui:button contains class

.THIS .uiButton.classname{ background-color:blue; }

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<ui:button label="PROGRAMS" class="customButton" /> 

.THIS .customButton{ background-color: #2574a9 !important; color: #fff; }

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