I am trying to get all the role from OpportunityContactRole into a list my code

OppContactRole = new List<OpportunityContactRole>();
OppContactRole = [SELECT Role FROM OpportunityContactRole];

and try to add this list VF page. I am getting my result from sOQL as

OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Owner, Id=00KO0000000J56pMAC}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Landlord, Id=00KO0000000J4hVMAS}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Owner, Id=00KO0000000J4qXMAS}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Owner, Id=00KO0000000J56fMAC}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Landlord, Id=00KO0000000J5P3MAK}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Access to House, Id=00KO0000000J6u7MAC}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Decision Maker, Id=00KO0000000J6u8MAC}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Owner, Id=00KO0000000J5MdMAK}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Landlord, Id=00KO0000000J5OyMAK}, 
OpportunityContactRole:{Role=Owner, Id=00KO0000000J574MAC},

In the result you can see that role is getting repeated but not id. I tested with the actual value in env but this list do not contain all the values from salesfroce. Is this any this i am missing out can you please guide me.


Selecting data from the OpportunityContactTole will yield data rows of OCR instances.

If you're looking to display a picklist of possible roles, then you need to do this via a describe.



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