I am currently experimenting with salesforce mobile push and being no Android developer I am encountering some trouble by simply following the guide. When I create my Application class the readyAimFire() methid is not being recognized as a symbol also when I Call my aplicattionclass in the manifest it is not being recognized as a class, I am wondering if anyone has had this problem and how to solve it.


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Take a look at this learning app. In particular, pay attention to the dependencies in the app/build.gradle file and the <application> tag in the AndroidManifest.xml file.

Without any data other than is provided in your question it sounds like you've missed the Gradle dependencies and you must create a Class that extends Android Application. You tell Android to call this class by adding android:name="{name of your application class, just like you use for your activity definitions}"

All of the steps in the SDK IMPLEMENTATION - GOOGLE Documentation must be followed.

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