I am editing an existing Trigger where I need to reference a field that starts with 'Check In @'

So I tried using the LIKE operator but it gives an error:

((t.Subject=='Store Check-In' || t.Subject LIKE :'Check In @%')  && t.Completed_Date__c != Null)

So I tried using contains. This did not give an error but it also did not update my field

if ((t.Subject=='Store Check-In' || t.Subject.contains('Check In @%'))  && t.Completed_Date__c != Null)

The logic is supposed to be if an activity subject = 'Store Check-In' OR starts with 'Check In @' AND the complete_Date is not Null then do soemthing.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Cheers, M


Use startsWith function in String class

t.Subject.startsWith('Check In @')

So the full if condition would be

if ((t.Subject=='Store Check-In' || t.Subject.startsWith('Check In @')) && t.Completed_Date__c != Null)
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