I have a data extension with the base that I want to send a email to them. But I want to send to some part of them at hour X and for other part at hour Y. Actually, I have 24 segments, each one for each hour of the day. How can I set up a schedule send for a newsletter without the need to created 24 emails? I can create the 24 segments/data extensions/queries, and them someone only goes and update the emails that wants to send? I did Journey Builder automation that do this, but it's taking too long too populate the automation (~500k emails).


Technically you could do the following if the metering doesnt work:

Step 1 - Insert records from your DE records into Send DE 2 where mailed flag = N


Step 2 - Fire a trigger which sends to everyone in Send DE 2

Step 3 - Update your DE and set a mailed flag = Y

Repeat each hour - this will send to 4% every hour (this doesnt equal 100% but it is close). You could also replace Step 3 - and just have the mailed flag in your first DE and update that.

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  • That's what I was thinking. You could easily accomplish this with two Data Extensions, one Content, one User-Initiated Send, one Automation set to run every hour and two queries. – James Lamb Jun 7 '17 at 22:53

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