I created a custom report type with User as primary object and Case(Case Owner) as secondary object. I am trying to build a report which gives Cases Count by Agent. Counts has to be the users(from two profiles)and a Queue. But the report is displaying only cases created by Users but not cases assigned to queue. Please let me know the report type i created is correct or not. I could able to query accurate results through soql query.

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Standard 'Cases' type report could give you the case owner - whether user or queue.

Update Based on your comment, I'd recommend to create a Custom formula field on Case where you could determine your category based on your custom Department picklist field value on User, or by Queue name. When you use User as a Master object for custom report type, it automatically filtering out Case records owned by queue as it a cross-object field but you want to use only one.

  • I have added User object as we have added custom field - Department which is is a picklist to group users with different profiles under one department(Eg. Sales Support Agent and Sales Support Manager belongs to same department.). That is the reason why I have created custom report type. But with Case( owner), i am not able to get user and queue.
    – Lakshmi
    Commented Mar 28, 2016 at 21:50

If I understand what you are trying to do, instead of adding the case owner as a secondary object just have the case object alone and add the lookup fields to the record to the page layout. This will allow you to create a case report and include additional fields related to the owner. Add related fields

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