From the help docs here it states that...

You can include these Salesforce objects in custom navigation menus: Accounts, Assets, Campaigns, Cases, Contacts, Files, Dashboards, Events, Knowledge Articles, Leads, Opportunities, Price Books, Products, Reports, Tasks, Tenants, Work Orders, and your custom objects. You can also add Home, the main Chatter feed, Groups, and People.

However, I do not see a way to add the Assets to the Navigation Menu. Nav Menu

Is there something special I need to do in order to have Assets as an option?

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Heard back from Salesforce on the Success Community and it turns out to be a bug that will hopefully be fixed in the next release:

this is actually a bug. The docs team has updated the release notes to reflect this information -- "Assets aren't available in the Object Manager, and can't be added to custom navigation lists. You can access the assets object home from the App Launcher and individual asset records from the object home, search, and related lists."

They are working to fix the custom navigation lists issue for the Summer 16 release so stay tuned!

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