The requirements for Contacts to have an Account associated seem to be a little loose so I was able to get a successful compile and test run, but I wanted to better understand why this code returned an

'Illegal Assignment' error:

public class TestDeDuper {
    static testMethod void testDupes() {
        //Principle #ls: Create recordsd from Scratch

        //creating new Account from Scratch
        Account testAccount = new Account();
        testAccount.Name = 'Tryler McCoder Inc';
        insert testAccount;

        //Now trying to create a new Contact
        Contact dupeContact = new Contact();
        dupeContact.LastName = 'Spiderman';
        dupeContact.Email = 'spiderman@gmail.com';
        dupeContact.Account = testAccount.Id;
        insert dupeContact;

That's the main chunk of code that I am concerned with, since the it appears that this snippet:

dupeContact.Account = testAccount.Id;

Is throwing this error:

Illegal assignment from Id to Account at line 15 column 9

I double checked that the field label on Contact for the Account lookup is correct, so what about the way this is written would be returning the 'Illegal Assignment' error?

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    GPP.... still facing issue? – Ratan Paul Mar 28 '16 at 9:05
dupeContact.Account = testAccount.Id;

this should be AccountId field on contact

dupeContact.AccountId = testAccount.Id;
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    thank you, that resolved the issue. I will keep in mind these fields have subtle sub fields that contain the Id string. – GPP Mar 28 '16 at 15:48

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