I want to retrieve our stored knowledgebase articles regardless of the language they are in. However querying KnowledgeArticleVersion using SOQL requires a language be specified in the where clause or it produces an error. I don't want to have to separately query every possible language that might exist, is there a way to find out what translations for an article exist?


As per salesforce documentation on KnowledgeArticleId

Always filter on a single value of Language. However, in SOQL, you can filter on more than one Language if there is a filter on Id or KnowledgeArticleId.

It seems that you can filter on more than one language if you set an ID filter, simply add all the ID's then filter on the languages :)

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  • Hi @raymond, Could you please share the query that worked for you, I have a similar requirement – C0DEPirate Jul 25 '17 at 7:18

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