I have the following piece of code

<button type="button" onclick="SetApprove('{!myPA.P__c}'); jQuery('#approvePName').text('{!myPA.P__r.name}');  jQuery('#approvePType').text('{!myPA.P__r.P_Type__c}');  **jQuery('#approvePCT').text('{!myPA.Pub__r.Curr_Tar__c}');** jQuery(document.getElementById(pAIdForApprove)).val('{!myPA.Id}'); viewApproveForm();return false;">Approve</button>

//this part below is within a jquery popup div

<label for="checkbox">Yes I <b>Approve</b>
        <b id="approvePType">Dec</b> for submission to <b id="approvePCT">TBD</b>

Here what is happening is that myPA.Pub__r.Curr_Tar__c has special characters so the jquery popup div is not showing. can anyone tell me an alternative to the jquery text method?

  • Try jQuery('#approvePCT').text('{!JSENCODE(myPA.Pub__r.Curr_Tar__c)}'); – Sam Mar 24 '16 at 12:16

Use visualforce JSENCODE function



Encodes text and merge field values for use in JavaScript by inserting escape characters, such as a backslash (), before unsafe JavaScript characters, such as the apostrophe (').


{!JSENCODE(text)} and replace text with the merge field or text string that contains the unsafe JavaScript characters.

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