Can we migrate SSL certificates between sandboxes? I have a certificate uploaded in one sandbox and working fine and now intend to move all the pieces to another sandbox. I was hoping certificates are part of metadata which I can migrate using any migration tool.

What is the correct process to move the SSL certificate from the current sandbox to another sandbox?

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Finally got the right way!, same certificates can be installed across sandboxes with the the below steps: On the source sandbox

  1. Security Controls -> Certificate and Key Management
  2. Click on Export to Keystore
  3. Provide a Keystore password
  4. Click on export
  5. A file Java Keystore format with extension .jks (e.g. 00D180000001XWw.jks)

will get downloaded to local system

On target sandbox

  1. Security Controls -> Certificate and Key Management
  2. Click on Import from a Keystore
  3. Choose downloaded jsk file and provide Keystore password and click on Save
  4. All certificates inside the Keystore imported to target sandbox.

If you’re using Ant for deployment you can put the following in both your “Retrieve from Source” package.xml as well as your “Deploy to Target” package.xml :



You will have to reconfigure the certificates across sandboxes. As far as I'm aware there is no way to deploy these. Might be a good idea to double check either way, because your URL will change when using a different sandbox and you might need a different certificate.

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