I am trying to create a custom report type that provides access to the same fields that are available when creating a new "Campaign with leads" report. I need to use a custom report type in order to edit the columns names that will appear for several fields by editing the "Display As" field property.

For example, with this report type I need the "Zip/Postal Code" column to be displayed as "PostalCode".

Creating a custom report type that includes fields from Campaigns + Campaign Members + Leads does not appear to be possible.


Here's an approach...

  1. Create a custom formula TEXT field on Campaign Member with label = Postal Code and value = PostalCode (The OOB field that has label Zip/PostalCode)
  2. Then you can customize the OOB Campaign with Leads report and use your new field as the displayed column

Unfortunately, the OOB standard fields on CampaignMember can't be relabeled using Setup | Tab Names and Labels

  • I'd prefer to only create additional fields if that's the only option but will give this a try. Thanks cropredy! – Mark Mar 23 '16 at 13:40
  • @Mark The field Zip/Postal Code doesn't actually exist on the CampaignMember object, it is a convenience field for the point and click environment (handles the polymorphic lookup to Lead or Contact). This may explain why I couldn't think of any other alternative (unless you went to a Conga/Drawloop solution wherein you can render output as excel with your own column headers) – cropredy Mar 23 '16 at 15:02

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